Ferment – verb;

Origin: 1350-1400; Middle English < Latin fermentum yeast (noun), fermentare to cause to rise (v.); akin to barm, Latin fervere to boil.

Join us on what many know as “Mardi Gras,” Tuesday, February 13 at the Vintage Tavern where we will gather on the upper level to share an evening, share life, and perhaps a pint in this Fellowship/Christian Education hybrid that we’re calling Fermenting Faith.

Jesus has a bit to say about “yeast.”  He also has a lot to say about letting our faith rise up and show itself in the way we live and move and have our being–changing us and this world from one thing to another.

Host, and Tavern owner, Jeff Payton–and his great team at the Vintage Tavern–will provide dinner, hospitality, and some of their tasty beverages.  And Pastor Jason and Kelly Pittman will walk us all through a fun and meaningful evening highlighting what it means to share life together and allow our faith to raise us (and our Lord Jesus) up in this world.

We hope you’ll be there!  But get your reservations in early as space is limited!  Call the church office to make yours today.  810.985.6191