What is Pilgrimage?

A three day opportunity to experience Christian living.  It is designed to provide all Christians with a renewed foundation for individual and community spiritual growth.  Grace and growth are combined in an energetic way.

What happens at Pilgrimage?

Christian love, God’s grace, worship and praise, talks and discussion, joyous music, enchanting surprises, lots of laughter, a few tears, and for some—a rekindled, re-invigorated faith.

Who should attend Pilgrimage?

All God’s children who are ready to “challenge” the boundaries of their lives as Christians.

The least that can happen is you’ll get away for a few days, enjoy the bounty of God’s nature in comfortable surroundings, meet nice people, and smile a bunch!

The most that can happen to you (and often does for “pilgrims”) is that it can introduce you to entirely new ways of seeing your life’s journey, alter the way you live the Christian life and practice your faith, and forever change the horizon of your Christian walk

Where is Pilgrimage?

Howell Conference and Nature Center in Howell, Michigan.

How much does it cost?

$200 per person covers lodging, meals and all fees.  Financial assistance is available!

Go to the website to learn more at www.mppilgrimage.org